Chad Power Plant project

Since 2009, we have successfully commissioned and are currently operating five (5) units of 1000kW, 6.3kV diesel generators in Chad. We continue to provide operation and service maintenance for our customers. Each set operates about 35000 hours and continues to provide a steady and reliable source of energy.

Dual fuel Generator Manufacturers in Nigeria

Niger Oil Field Power plant

This power plant is located in the desert area in Niger, and has six (6) units of 1200kW gas generators which it uses as the main source of power, while also maintaining one (1) 800kW diesel generator for black start. Plant commissioning and operations began in 2010,and till date, the power plant continues to run optimally.

Diesel Generator Manufacturers in Nigeria

Iraq Rumaila Oil Field Power plant

A total of one hundred and ninety five (195) diesel generator power plants are being operated in Rumaila oil field, Iraq. The first batch was delivered in 2010 and have clocked around 25000 hours each. , and then the owner keeps purchasing generators. We provide operation and maintenance service.

Diesel Generators in Nigeria

Indonesia Power plant

6×800kW diesel generators in Indonesia, operation began in 2006.

Dual fuel Generator Manufacturers in Nigeria