Introduction – Natural gas is associated gas produced from underground accumulations and consists largely of methane (CH4) and other light hydrocarbons. Natural gas has been commercially used as fuel for 180 years in America and for centuries in China. The production, processing and distribution of natural gas have become an important segment of any country’s economy and a major factor in the world markets.

Natural gas is abundant, clean low-carbon fossil fuel which can be readily utilized for the production of electricity. Our Jinan gas generator is purposed built and well suited to the provision of reliable decentralized electricity utilizing natural gas as fuel.

The concentration of gases contributing to climate change is increased by human activities, particularly by the utilization of fossil fuels in industrial processes and agriculture. The utilization of natural gas engines is characterized by the lowest carbon dioxide emission levels of all fossil fuels. Due to the fact natural gas is low in carbon, but has a high hydrogen content, natural gas has the most favourable carbon dioxide balance. The combustion of natural gas produces around 40 – 50% less carbon dioxide than when coal is burned to produce the same amount of energy. Notably it also has low emissions of sulphur dioxide (SO2), oxides of Nitrogen (NOX) and particulate matter.

As a fuel, natural gas is set to become a significant source of power in the coming years. Natural gas is projected to become the most significant fossil energy medium in the next 50 years. Natural gas can also come in the form of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas).
In countries where the natural grid is unreliable and supplies of natural gas are abundant, gas engines provide an excellent source of reliable island mode power.

Natural Gas Generator Manufacturers in Nigeria

Application – Electricity generation, can be used in furnaces and burners as well as petro-chemical industries.

Benefits – Reliable production of electricity at high efficiency. Financial benefits compared to separate purchase of electricity and heating fuel. Flexible and so can be used to provide heating, cooling and carbon dioxide. Cleanest fossil fuel with lowest relative carbon emissions.

Value Addition – Greenpower has installed and commissioned over 200MW of Jinan gas generators in Nigeria and more than 2GW globally and is one of the leading players in its field. Green power’s product teams offer an unparalleled breadth of expertise, references and solutions in all our Project sites with adequate spare parts holding capacity with a cost-effective means of generating power. Our engines are very robust and reliable with a guaranteed short pay-back period.

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