Diesel Generators in Nigeria

A wide range of options are available to select for Diesel Generators in Nigeria. For homes and industry, customers will find our 13.5kVA to 5000kVA range reliable partners to meet every power need. From the Basic Set to Sound-Proofs, our power generation models are specially designed and manufactured according to globally rated standards. The depth and quality of our global network attest to the integrity of our offerings. A mixture of Analogue and Digital Compact Automatic start panels, which are microprocessor-based, gives the customer the flexibility of selecting the Control panel that is most suitable for their requirement and design.We are proud to be one of the best Diesel Generator Manufacturers in Nigeria.

Standard Features & Benefits

– Designed and manufactured in facilities certified to standards
– ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004
– Verified product design, quality and performance integrity
– Industry leading load factor
– 85% load factor for standby applications and 75% load factor for prime power applications
– Cutting-edge emissions control
– Engine controller with engine site condition management system
– Robust fuel injection technology for maximum reliability
– Advanced monitoring & communications
– Compliant with industry codes & standards
– Best-in-class reliability and availability
– Optimized maintenance intervals

Available Options

– A wide range of Sound Attenuated Enclosures
– A variety of generating set control and synchronising panels
– Additional alarms and shutdowns
– A selection of exhaust silencer noise levels
– Fuel System: fuel pre-filters with water separators.
– Generator: multiple generator models and voltages available; anti-condensation heaters; winding temperature sensors; bearing temperature sensors; differential protection current transformers; digital voltage regulator


– Airports, Healthcare facilities
– Data centres, Construction and mining job sites
– Government buildings, municipalities, utilities and educational institutions
– Manufacturing, commercial and industrial facilities
– Retail buildings, hotels and casinos
– Water treatment plants

Diesel Generator Manufacturers in Nigeria

4140Kw Diesel Generator

4000kw NG-HD

Type Vertical, four-stroke, direct injection, open combustion chamber, exhaust turbocharging, air intercooling and irreversible
Model HN9320
Rated power (kW) 4140
Rated speed (r/min) 750 ±5
Number of cylinders 9
Cylinder arrangement Vertical
Cylinder diameter x stroke (mm) 320 x 410
Cooling mode Fresh water bi-circulating forced cooling
Fuel oil consumption rate under standard conditions (g/kW.h) 185 + 5%
Lube oil consumption rate under standard conditions (g/kW.h) 0.5 + 20%
Air intake and exhaust system Exhaust turbocharging, air inter cooling (2-stage), pressurized air bypass device and assistant air
Net mass of diesel engine (kg) 51000
Size of diesel engine (LxWxH) mm 7795 x 1901 x 4136